We  have a saying that we find ourselves using over and over…”We’re all a fraction of an inch from cracking up!” Really when you think about it, most of us have some hurts or fears, trials and tribulations that constantly nag at us and sometimes seem overwhelming to us! It’s in those times that we find ourselves saying another saying…”If God don’t help, help ain’t coming!” Those two statements that we learned the hard way through life summarize for us the truths woven throughout the Bible. That truth is the reality that in this world we will have trials and difficulties emotionally, spiritually and physically. And we have learned that it is in those times that God is able to do His best work in our lives. Now the reality is that He often does that work through others. That is what we desire to be to you! Proverbs says it this way, “He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” We want to be a refreshment to you on your journey through this life.

We’ve been married since 1979 and have been in doing life and ministry together ever since. We love the tapestry of friends that God has woven in our lives. You will find us enjoying food, family & friends most every day of the week. Our favorite hangout is our own little oasis we call “Pardue’s-Party-On-The Patio” or as my grandkids call it “Poppy’s Beach!

Big time blessings and refreshment to you,

Randy & Tammy

  1. Neya says:

    i came here looking for one sermon i missed and now i’m hooked!!! 🙂 i listen to the messages at work and it’s been such a huge blessing…i’m kinder, joyful, productive, and i’m growing as a Christ follower. I can’t wait to become all i learned here and to be love and grace to others…i am so far from perfect, but i’m commited to this journey, and on my way to BECOMING!!!

    love you both, God bless you and thank you so very much!

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